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Shandong Shitian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Jining Technology Industrial Development Zone.

In 2020, the hybrid excavator production project was listed as a major provincial construction project. The project is a key project of Jining's "double hundred", focusing on the production of new energy and hybrid excavators. Is a professional focus on research and development, production of large-scale excavator technology enterprises. The core technology with independent property rights, as the leader of large energy-saving excavators, the hybrid large excavator SH520 developed by the company has an energy-saving effect of more than 30%, and its patented energy storage and recovery technology has obvious advantages compared with the extreme speed of energy conservation. After ten years of technology research and development, seven or eight years of market verification, the average daily saving of this type of excavator is more than 30% friendly. Conventional products SH380-9 Full set of German Linde hydraulic system, inherited the German products reliable, efficient, strong mining power...【Details】

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